CoM Telavi Municipality celebrated annual Sustainable Energy Week by organizing several events. June 25, 2020– hosted EU Ambassador Carl Hartzel...
54% of the survey participants in 2020 think that Polack central city streets and avenues have enough lighting, as opposed to 43% respondents in 2015.
Thanks to the EU-funded CoM DeP program, almost two thousand new LED lamps, new lighting poles, control boxes, and 12 autonomous solar-powered lamps appeared on 28 streets of the city, as well as 26 city objects received new decorative illumination
Utilization of this equipment will ensure the efficient and uninterrupted supply of the required amount of biomass for heating to municipal kindergartens.
The project lasted from 2015 to 2019. Its budget exceeds EUR 1.15 million. 80% of the project costs were covered by the European Union. The rest was paid by the town of Novovolynsk.
A new dispatch centre opened in Čavusy as a part of the local housing and communal services under the innovative...
The survey will be conducted, first of all, among residents of the central and main streets of Polack, employees of large state enterprises, as well as employees of private companies located in the city center.
On January 17, 2020 within the framework of the project funded under EU Covenant of Mayors Demonstration Projects (CoM-DeP) “Biomass...
A school makes substantial savings on its heating bills as a result of the implemented energy efficiency measures. (Available only in Russian language)
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