The town of Ukrayinka (Kyiv region) has reduced energy resources consumption over a year by 20%. This has become possible thanks to the installed automated energy resources monitoring system that helps quickly identify overspending and emergencies, removes human factor in primary data collection.
74 pre-school children will start their new academic season in more comfortable conditions, while local authorities expect heat energy losses to reduce by 70% of the 2018 figures.
Over three years of the project implementation, one-third of the city’s street lighting network has been refurbished. Almost four thousand street lamps have been replaced with energy-efficient LED lamps as well as 88 km of electricity grids and 32 street electric equipment cabinets have been refurbished.
The works included the lighting of the constructive and ornamental elements of the building of the Museum of History and Ethnography in Călăraşi with 24 LED-based projectors for the architectural lighting. The museum courtyard is also lit by several modern lanterns.
Construction works related to the thermal refurbishment of the buildings of pre-school educational institutions No. 1 and No. 3 are actively and continually being performed in the town of Hnivan.
The demonstration project in Cantemir covered by Teleradio Moldova, a national radio and television broadcaster
According to preliminary estimates, annual energy consumption will go down by 44 %. In the monetary equivalent that stands for the savings amounting to 313 thousand roubles annually. Moreover, LED street lighting installation will enable to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 724 tons – which is the annual amount of emissions produced by 464 new cars
Kindergarten No. 4 was erected in 1961. After 40 years of operation, the premises already required a comprehensive approach to refurbishment, however, due to town budget limitations, everything could be done only thanks to Dubno’s involvement in the Covenant of Mayors initiative.
Two more educational buildings in the town of Cantemir have been thermally rehabilitated with the support of the European Union.
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