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With the help of biomass energy technology, the kindergarten is fully heated in winter, while also saving 60% of costs.
The annual monetary savings of Cantemir represent 91.817 euros or 15% of the total annual budget of the town, as a result of the project implemented with the financial support of the European Union.
Delegation of the European Union to Armenia and the Support Team of the “Covenant of Mayors Demonstration Projects” visited 4 of the 43 buildings to be equipped with solar PVs and lighting systems under the EU funded “EU4 Yerevan – Solar Community” project.
Hnivan community hosted a number of awareness-raising activities aimed to popularize rational use of energy resources, alternative energies, and careful treatment of natural resources within the Sustainable Energy Week.
The centre consists of 10 types of demonstration sub-projects in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy: smart street lighting, photovoltaic park, on-grid panels, biomass-based boiler rooms, solar collectors. The total cost of the project is 800,000 euro, of which 500,000 euros is a grant offered by the European Union, and 300,000 euro was the national and local contribution through the Energy Efficiency Agency, Ştefan Vodă District Council, Feşteliţa Local Public Administration and people in the Feștelița village.
MO.GE.DI.CO is the EU-funded demonstration project, the implementation of which was launched by Myrhorod in 2018. The project involves the comprehensive thermal refurbishment of the building of kindergarten No. 10, the refurbishment of its boiler house, installation of biomass boilers, and installation of the automatic energy monitoring system.
The representatives of the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Territories and Communities Development opened the 12th EU Sustainable Energy Week in Ukraine. The event took place in the framework of the communication campaign to support the European Green Deal under the motto “Boosting Green Potential Together”, scheduled until December
In 2018 the city started implementation of the EU project “Raising Energy Efficiency in Educational Facilities of the City of Sumy”. The project presupposed refurbishment of three educational institutions. The cost of the project is 1,635,362.4 Euros - 70% – the EU grant, 30% – community budget.
This ambitious project will equip 90 multi-apartment buildings (MAB’s) with grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, along with upgraded indoor & outdoor lighting systems.
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