How to Implement Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Projects

This Handbook provides an overview of the experiences of CoM-DeP in implementing energy efficiency projects. It contains methodology used during implementation of the financed projects (including the basic algorithm and steps for implementation), lessons learned, best practices, templates, example documents, etc. with a view to make it easier for other CoM signatories to implement similar projects.


This Handbook provides practical support and guidance for the steps in implementation of such projects, and where appropriate pay special attention to specifics of thematic areas.

The CoM-DeP projects covered different thematic areas:
● Thermal refurbishment of public buildings / residential buildings
● Modernization of district heating systems
● Modernization of street lighting systems (using LED technology)
● Installation of PV systems
● Modernization of (electric) public transport systems and water supply / waste water

This Handbook will serve CoM signatories (as well as non-signatory municipalities implementing energy efficiency projects) with tools and experiences that can help the responsible stakeholders in implementing sustainable and high-quality energy efficiency projects.

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